Buying in Marina Bay- Choosing the Lot

The first step in buying a new construction home is to choose the lot.  Choosing the lot is a critical phase that many new home buyers often overlook.  Builders are in the business of making money, and often times will put “lot premiums” on each lot.  In Marina Bay Fort Myers, GL Homes offers both “standard” and “premium” lots.

So…..What are the differences in these lots????

Standard Lots are the less desirable ones that back up to major roads, are small in size, or have little to no view of any kind.  Premium Lots are those that are larger in size or are located in a much more desirable area within the development or have better views.House project

Lot premiums in Marina Bay range in price from $2000-$50,000.  These premiums are added on top of the purchase price of your new home, so it is important to weigh the value of the lot with the price you will end up paying for it.  Every buyer is unique and puts preference on a different aspects of the new construction buying process.  In my opinion, spending the extra $20-$40K on a premium lot situated near the preserve that has a lake view, is money well spent.  The worst thing buyers can do is try and pinch pennies on the lot in order to add one or two upgrades to the inside of the home.

Some of the Coastal or Pacific Single Family Homes offered by Marina Bay can only be built on certain lots due to larger square footage or the 3-car garage option.  Some buyers may have kids and building on a lot that is centrally located near the Recreation facilities and clubhouse is a must have.  Those lots would carry a larger premium compared to ones that are further from the clubhouse.

Builders are very good at getting buyers into their developments by advertising low prices. However, in reality after adding lot premiums, upgrades, and options, the buyer’s final price on the contract is always higher than the original advertised price (something to keep in mind when budgeting for a new home purchase).

How can I reserve a lot at Marina Bay?

At Marina Bay a $5000 reservation deposit is required to hold a lot.  A deposit of 10% of the purchase price (less the $5000 reservation deposit) will be required to be paid upon execution of the Purchase Contract within 3 days of reservation.

Please contact your Marina Bay team of Brad Dohack and Bob Nuorala when you want to visit the sales center and view current lots available.


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