Why Even Use a Realtor for New Construction?

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Buying a New Construction Home?  Why you Really need a Realtor on your side.

Buying a new home is a very exciting time.  You have all the control when it comes to picking out fixtures, flooring, colors, upgrades and more!  There is nothing like that new home smell and sparkling gleam of never used appliances fresh out of the box. project of construction and renovation house

With the explosive growth in our local Real Estate market on both Resale & New Construction Homes, buyers have more choices available today than ever before.  Builders and Developers are jumping at the opportunity to bring their products to the masses.  From Fort Myers to Naples, over 30 new developments have broken ground in the past few years.

GL Homes latest and greatest community is Marina Bay Fort Myers and Marina Bay is now “officially” OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!

So……. All you have to do is jump into your car, rush to the sales center located on the grounds of Marina Bay Fort Myers, where you WILL be greeted by a smiling face who is eager to help put you into the home of your dreams…..Right?


Remember…. Just like any home purchase, buying New Construction is serious business and like all Real Estate transactions, will involve multiple steps and major financial implications.  That smiling face is a Builder’s Sales Rep and they are employed by the Builder, so they ONLY represent the Builder.

Please don’t get me wrong, the Builder’s Reps at Marina Bay provide a very valuable service by explaining the differences between which model homes are available, floor plan options, and can provide useful information on builder financing, upgrade packages and various other specials. On top of that, we have built relationships with the reps over many years of doing business with them in other GL Homes communities.

**Just remember, that friendly and helpful salesperson works for and represents the builder’s interest.**

Here is a list of reasons why You absolutely should consider the representation of a professional Realtor throughout the entire New Construction buying process.

  • A Buyer’s Agent costs you nothing as the builder covers all sales commissions involved with any transaction.
  • An agent can give you objective professional advice and insight during all phases of the process, from the initial contract, construction, walk-through, and closing.
  • Some people believe they can “save” the commission off the price of their new home if they are unrepresented, however this is not true.  That commission is already rolled into the price of the home and is either paid to YOUR agent or stays in the builder’s pocket.
  • When you obtain the services of a Realtor, their responsibility is to YOU.  That means you have an expert who’s contractually obligated to protect you and look out for your best financial interests.
  • Realtors will provide a trusted list of service vendors including Home Inspectors & Finance Professionals to make sure you, the home buyer, receive the very best professionals working on your behalf.
  • A New Construction home may take up to 5-8 months to build, so whether you are a local or out of state buyer, a Realtor will keep you updated on your new home’s progress through phone calls, meetings, pictures and more.

Signing a contract with a builder is just the beginning.  You must also line up financing, work with title companies, attend numerous inspections throughout the construction…..and the list goes on.  Working with the professional Real Estate team of Brad Dohack and Bob Nuorala during your Marina Bay Fort Myers new construction purchase is a smart choice.  We will manage the entire process with you and can accompany you on inspections along the way to ensure you’re not missing anything during every construction milestone.

Our services are invaluable, but come at no cost to you.

I’ve stopped doing my own taxes years ago.  I would much rather let the experts handle my affairs that could cost me thousands of dollars….And buying a home is no different.

Real Estate is a huge investment, so let us put our years of experience and knowledge to work for you during your Marina Bay purchase.  Contact us to get started today!



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